Choosing the Right Path for Building a Mobile App.

When it comes to creating a mobile app, a critical decision lies ahead: who will bring your vision to life? You have several options: DIY if you have the skills, hire a freelancer, assemble an in-house team, or partner with a software house. In this article, we’ll explore these options and shed light on which might be the best fit for your project.

1. What to Look for in a Mobile App Development Company

Several factors come into play, including the complexity of the app, your budget, and your timeline. If it’s a simple app and time is not of the essence, a friend who’s a programmer could be an affordable choice. However, ensuring high-quality results in both front-end and back-end can be challenging.


2. Why Choose a Software Company like Canifox IT?

They have an array of ready solutions and a wealth of experience from previous successful mobile apps. A software company providing programming services might cost more, but it delivers results faster. They offer a package deal that a freelancer can’t match.

3. Risks of Freelancers

Working with a freelancer carries risks, too. They may be juggling multiple projects, dividing their attention and potentially making mistakes. It’s often not worth the marginal cost savings given the potential stress and time lost.

4. Beyond Mobile Apps

Larger projects like CRM, ERP, or comprehensive company management systems, you have three main options: software company, outsourcing, or building an in-house team. Your choice depends on the project’s specifics.

5. Challenges in Finding Good Programmers

The current market makes finding a reliable programmer a daunting task. Juniors or newcomers may lack the necessary experience, while mid or senior-level programmers already employed elsewhere might be reluctant to join a short-term project.

6. Budget Considerations

Costs can vary widely when hiring a programmer. The budget isn’t just about their salary; it includes potential delays, debugging, and an unfinished product. It depends on your project’s complexity, but it’s possible to spend anywhere from 70,000 PLN to half a million or more.

7. The Importance of Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is another challenge. IT projects are notoriously difficult to estimate, especially when assembling a new team. Even with a Project Manager, you’re not guaranteed to meet your timeline. Professional companies have the tools, knowledge, and resources to minimize delays.

8. Hiring Programmers for Your Dream App

In conclusion, choosing a software house, while a bit more expensive, can save you stress, ensure on-time delivery, and potentially even save money. If you still prefer hiring programmers or represent a company looking to execute IT projects, consider outsourcing.

9. The Pros of Building an App

Despite the challenges, there are many advantages to building your own app. You gain control, flexibility, cost savings, and a technological partnership that benefits both sides. If you’re considering creating an app for a specific user problem or to enhance your business, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. Having your app can be a significant advantage for your users and can boost your company’s profits.


Your app’s success story begins with the right choice.

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